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If the adults did know something about astrology, there was a pattern. Yikes, I have never found clowns to be appealing. In fact, even as an adult, I still think they are scary and eery looking. My aversion to clowns began early.

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My clown-aversion deepened when at the tender age of four I first looked at myself in my first-ever Halloween costume. So what about Pogo?

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The readings were far from accurate. Geoffrey Dean examined a database of 2, people followed through their lifetimes. The database included personality tests and intelligence tests.

Mayo School of Astrology, UK online Astrology school

Do you read your horoscope? This might make the way you read completely different. In one world-famous research study, Betram Forer gave his intro psychology class a personality test. He returned a one-page report to each student in class, and asked them to raise their hands to signal they thought the test had measured their personality well. Almost all of the students raised their hands. But Forer had given them all the same report- he had pasted together sentences from different astrological readings. The secret?

When Forer revealed the truth to his students, their actions showed them to be both impressed and embarrassed. Barnum who said that a good circus should have something in it for everyone. Even specific-sounding statements can be true of a surprisingly large percentage of the population…It seems that many Barnum statements appear accurate because most people tend to think and behave in surprisingly predictable ways. So do I still read my horoscope? Um, yes, in fact I do. Instead of reading it with a nice dose of skepticism as I used to, now I look and see what message in it that I would really like to be true.

And I think about my life. Posted in Uncategorized Tagged astrology 4 Comments. What are some criticisms and arguments in defence of the credibility of Astrology? Astrology is bad pseudo-science. And when it pretends to give life advice to human beings it is not just wrong, it can be harmful physically, emotionally, and financially. To what extent are the claims of horoscopes and astrology scientifically acknowledged?

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But Astrology is bunk of the lo…. Yeah, the Garden of Eden Adam! A person can look very practical and material-concerned on his chart, yet he can act out totally differently because of his upbringing.

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