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Study of astrology, as any other discipline takes a lifetime and more for those believing in re-incarnation and it is evolving and still developing. Evidence: It helps people. Lots of important people have their personal astrologers. Where to study? You may need better references that the ones I can provide, as I said I am not astrologer myself, but can mention the Faculty Of Astrological Studies for one. Popular astrology is like popular science, it serves for purposes of entertainment but confusion between entertainment and the real thing should not occur; it is not fair, not serious.

I am not english-native speaker, so expect not have broken any rule or have hurt no one; just know astrology is as serious as physics, not governed by the same rules, but serious and only wanted to share my thought on a too light approach or complete misunderstanding. I know about endless astrology versus scientific discussions, but does science explain it all? Science would not exist if all was explained.

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And no scientist makes such a claim. This is a common strawman argument.

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And astrology and other beliefs like it do not do a good job of complementing scientific knowledge. Astrology is based on an ancient idea that event in the heavens were connected to those on Earth.

Astrology and Horoscopes Uncloaked

In a way the idea is correct, as the doctor in Virginia found out last week. The connection is just very different than what people conjectured in the ancient world. Back then the motion of the heavens was thought to reflect the actions of gods or divine beings, who also cast fates here on Earth.

There are no connections between physical concepts and astrological ideas. What intellectual basis astrology might have had, and Kepler was an astrologer, it has in the modern world evaporated. I should have predicted it … No suprised that he did not address the fact that astrology failed to predict the existence of Neptune and Uranus. Iluis … tell me why this is the case, the errors that should have been very obvious pointing astrologers exactly to the existence and locations of Neptune and Uranus … but it did not. The planets real influences have absolutely no relationships with astrology.

It is just an invented story that sounded nice back in the dark ages. BUT I am wondering if the season you are born in might have an influence. If you are born in the winter you get exposed to different environment conditions. Different sunlight less sunlight, cold temperatures and your clothing hides your skin from the sun, less Vitamin D, different types of vegetables,…. One note: it is not only the doctor that gravitationally influences you you also have the complete building the mountain nearby the.

Wifi radiations, solar flares that influences the magnetic field…. Meaning the way they calculate signs is what constellation is in the sky during the day-time during a certain time of year. So I have always been told that I am a Sagittarius, however my first Astro teacher disagreed and has explained to me that in the year of my birth I was actually born into the daytime constellation of Capricorn.

Look at some of the replies above, the writers sound as if they genuinely believe what they are saying is grounded in truth. What instruments can we use to scientifically measure this supposed energy? If our hypothesis is that there is indeed such energy, in what ways can we devise tests to disprove this notion thereby eliminating all possible counter evidence?

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Rather, it is all simply beliefs. It is not a set of facts that can be backed up with any verifiable studies or experiments, or re-evaluated over time when new evidence comes to light. I make alot of predictions on my own for myself- I like to use it to keep myself informed, while I watch TV. Kennedy rejected the idea, March 13, Eisenhower, even rejected the idea. Kennedy was assassinated using astrology,- I believe-using The Paul Revere chart. In Sagittarius- for the world to see. If you do the chart for July 07th, pm near Beiing China- when the Japanese attacked China,- progress it to !

It might have been an attack on the Japanese-Americans. Who knows…. Dec 21, 2 AM when they attacked an army garrison of soldiers. Mad Cow in west sussex, england Dec 22, a new moon conjunct Neptune. Plus creating a sunrise chart can give the two times for high tide! And A lot of people believe in it! I find the subject of astrology beyond my intelligence. But physicists may have a better say on this. But let me nitpick and lead up to a question.

Standard cosmology predicts how the universe evolves under gravity from masses and such energies as dark energy. The whole in the piece, or something like that. I also do not believe in astrology. Unfortunately you have only proven that the currently known forces that have been proven scientifically cannot influence us significantly.

Certainly we cannot prove astrology from a scientific basis. Disproving it is another thing entirely. Looks my point is not well read or understood as we are using different languages and seems like some emotions appear. The topics on climate and global warming do a good job of getting people to voice their silly ideas. How is that a TV transmitter many kms away can influence your TV set? The radio frequencies RF picked up by the antenna are micro volts. They are swamped by RF interference from your fridge, washing machine the emissions from the power grid in your district and wiring through you house by millions of times.

But your TV still works in this sea of overwhelming and competing interference! Your TV works not because of gross forces from the transmitter as Tate would have in the astrological sense but because finely tune circuits in the set can filter out overwhelming RF noise and select out a specific useful frequency even if it is surrounded by stronger RFs. Radios, cell phones work like this.

No, NASA Didn’t Change Your Astrological Sign

Even extremely faint signals can be tuned to from as far as the distance of Voyager I where the signal strength received is billions of times fainter than swamping RFs clouding the Earth. In this case the bio-organism would be tuned to the planet in question and thereby resonate to the planet while other bio-organisms may be tuned to other planets as the case may be. Mars can influence you via its gravitation, its radio emissions, and its light if you are outdoors ; but those influences are totally swamped by the gravitational and electromagnetic influences of things in your immediate environment.

Is there some long-range force other than gravitation or electromagnetism, one that is as yet undiscovered and can result in Mars influencing you or people in general? This basically says that there is no way one can prove or disproove astrology. The answer is that there are always people out there that will give them money to perform the service. As a scientist, I will not claim Astrology is not real. Odder things have been proven real. However, I will say everyone who stuides and interprets it so far sucks at it. Then what is astrology all about? Predicting future events, specially by using the very predictable motions of the planets is a phenomenon that can be tested.

Science is about putting our biases and beliefs aside as much as humanly possible to test and validate ideas. If one gets too specific in how astrology works, then those claims can be tested and potentially proven wrong. Astrology has not made much of any progress in the past years. As a practicising ophiuchan, who loves the number 13, astrology is up there with cosmetology, ufology, Apollo project and AGW denying, crop circles and alchemy as a field of study that has given so, so much to mankind….

To undertake a successful astrology practice, the only raw material required is a good supply of gullible people oh, and keep the 13th sign of the Zociac hush hush! Ultimately astrology is a supernatural system of thought, where the natural process of planetary motion somehow have this supernatural overlay. How that got going is a matter of further imponderable speculation.

It might also be seen as a case of sympathetic magic, where if people believe it determines their fate they may act accordingly to fulfill it predictions. Astronomy like all other sciences is driven by a general deep human desire to understand the world and therefore the scientific study of the stars would have come about even without astrology.

The need to understand the skies is a deep and fundamental human desire and is not the domain of astrology. Your attempt to put freudian angle to history of astronomy and astrology is meaningless and adds nothing to the validity of astrology or lack there of.

You cannot eliminate the possibility that this is a coincidence. Just because she had a nightmare of the assassination two hours before it happened does not mean she was seeing into the future. Millions of people have dreams and nightmares all the time and there are multitudes of tragic and great events happening all over the world.

Such coincidences are to be expected. Were there? Are there any studies on this? How about ? Were there an increase in the number of visions leading to september 11? Events such as these are a great opportunity to study and put forth evidence that some people can have visions of the future. Critical thinking, questioning and evaluating evidence with a minimum of emotion and bias are tools for everyone to use in everyday life. What is going on? Is Universe Today just getting desperate to write something?

That effort was abandoned when it proved unreliable Of course. So there was THAT…. I remained a skeptic the whole time… but the sex was great The best! The upshot is… she predicted the Loma Prieta earthquake! When I confronted her about her use of Astrology, me being an amateur astronomer and prone to a more scientific approach in life, she claimed that astrology was simply another tool to be used to open communicatons with people. I was bad and chastised her relentlessly for being foolish and manipulating others under false pretenses. I could live with that…. I am suggesting by contrast that electricall engineers will tell you that swamping gross emmissions can be tuned out to pick up the right frequncey of the emmission of interest — even if it is millions of times fainter.

Astrology and Science – Can they live together? – ISAR

Could something like this work for biological systems and planetary cycles? For instance it occsilates due to daily lunar variation thereby generating a daily frequency albeit a very low amplitude easily swapmed by other frequncies But bio-organisms such as micro organisms, animal mamals etc. Perhaps you might check out Percy Seymour and his electromagnetic theory theory in an attempt to exlpian the Gauquelin results astrological correlationtons to personality types and professions.

You can google both authors. First, I know of no evidence that humans are influenced at all by microwaves or radio waves, of the intensity commonly encountered on a busy, big city street say; nor of any observed effect from any line emission which is what most radio, TV, satellite etc transmissions are. So perhaps I should have emphasized this, rather than swamping.

So you cannot be an Ophiuchan in the astrological sense because constellations are not used in Western astrology. I appreciate that on a science forum these are the sort of questions we would like to get answers — if astrology worked in the first place. Does it perform? Otherwise these technical questions are moot.

I appreciate such insight as those who have posted about their experiences with predictions. I have felt in the past that I have had similar deja-vu and other phenomena. So being the inquisitive individual I am, I decided some time ago to see if I was really having deja-vu on the odd occasion.

I used the search tool to pick out all the references to feelings, places and people at the time of my deja-vu. Turns out my almost certain premonition was actually a deeply buried but remarkably similar experience I had years before.

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Like for the Earthquake example, did she actually specify that it would be an earthquake? Was there anybody else that was present when she described these events? Also, what are her beliefs? Was the prediction based on some fundamental aspect of a related concept? Strong Buddhist traditions?

Or what about local factors?

Did she predict a quake because she understands that such-and-such a region is prone to quakes? Sorry if I ruin the fun, but I feel more often then not, an answer can be found that makes logical sense. Skynotes file archive. Please purchase from Amazon to help us. Astronomical News. External Events. Observing Projects. Constellations explained.

Transits of Venus explained.

First Magnitude Stars quiz. Useful external links. Society Equipment for Loan. Store of documents linked to other parts of the web-site. Astronomical distances.

Pseudoscience Debunked: Astrology

Earth, Jupiter Comparison. The Moon. Debunking astrology. Harry Potter connections to astronomy. Star Hopping Guides. Knowle Astronomical Society Yahoo Group. The planets all move across the sky in that same path, too. You know the names of these constellations: Sagittarius, Libra, Scorpius, Aries, Gemini… the constellation of the zodiac, or, if you prefer, the zodiacal constellations. These 12 zodiacal constellations have been recognised in one way or another around the world, though most countries and the International Astronomical Union have adopted a modified version of them known to the ancient Babylonians and Greeks.

The thing is, there are more than 12 constellations the sun can pass through. Some are smaller, or have fainter stars, so they get ignored. The biggest is Ophiuchus, the serpent-bearer, which is a huge constellation taking up quite a bit of celestial real estate, and in fact the sun spends more time in Ophiuchus than Scorpius. Scorpius has brighter stars and an obvious scorpion-like shape, so it gets better press. Ophiuchus has been around this whole time, but has been ignored by astrologers. By some counts, there are as many as Not only that, but Earth wobbles like a top, very slowly, and over centuries that changes the dates the sun is in a given constellation.

If you were born in late March in ancient Greece, you would have been an Aries. Finally, why is this suddenly news? This is the final irony here.